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Mark Wormgoor

Leadership thoughts, lessons and ideas

How fear creates that fantastic shining armor to separate us from our co-workers

We all experience fear to a smaller or larger extent in our lives. Some might even say that most if not all of our daily actions and decisions are based on fear - fear of rejection, failure, emotional or physical pain, starvation, dying, etc. Photo by Nik Shuliahin / UnsplashOver the next couple of weeks I'll be posting several blogs on

How to complement vision with stellar execution

Do you constantly have new and creative ideas, but you're not sure how to realize them? Or the opposite - are you great at execution, but sometimes short on those out-of-the box creative ideas? Photo by Riccardo Annandale / UnsplashMany articles have been written about having diversity & inclusion in leadership teams. But, these diversity & inclusion perceptions are often limited

How to lead as an introvert?

About 30-35% of all people in our society are more introvert than extrovert. For as long as I can remember, I've been the introvert. At school, I was always the quiet kid - sitting towards the front of the classroom - not having too many friends. Our schools and society prefer extroverts and extroversion is stimulated and often demanded. But,

How to rescue yourself from your reptilian brain

Have you ever received feedback or a termination notice and all you wanted to do was run? A message so harsh that all your instincts told you to run home and hide under your bed? Or did someone ever push your buttons so badly you were ready to physically attack them? Or... have you witnessed this response in someone else?