Hi, I'm Mark Wormgoor. My two passions are entrepreneurship and leadership. In 2020, I've started writing here at markwormgoor.com about (personal) leadership. In addition to my writing, I am CEO & Co-Founder at A force of one, European Director at CommerceCX and I provide strategic consulting and coaching to (future) leaders and startup/scale-up founders.

How my writing can benefit you

The central topic in my writing is "Leadership", a skill often underestimated and misunderstood. Good or great Leadership often has direct substantial benefits:
• increased productivity;
• employee engagement, happiness and loyalty;
• higher resilience which in turn helps succeed under pressure.

My writing focuses on different leadership topics and skills, such as:
• authentic leadership;
• emotional intelligence;
• personality types;
• communication styles;
• coaching and mentorship;
• trust.

Although there are many articles, books and trainings on leadership, it is not a skill that can be solely taught in class but must be practiced and improved daily. It's a skill you or I will never fully master; there is always more to learn.

The concepts and theories I write about are not my own. They're often ideas I've picked up over the years from others, as well as from reading articles and books. I don't claim to have all the answers and am myself still in the process of learning every day. In the writing of these articles, I'd like to share my lessons and views on leadership with you.


My articles and writing are just one way for me to convey my thoughts and ideas about leadership. Helping others be successful in their leadership journey is something that truly inspires me. In order to complement my own leadership experience with a set of coaching skills, I'm a trained ICF coach. If you are interested in one or more coaching sessions, please reach out!


E-mail: contact@markwormgoor.com